Advantages of the Moissanite Engagement Ring


When picking an engagement ring, most ladies would rather go for the diamond engagement ring due to its sparkly and attractive nature. The moissanite gemstone is a rare type of gemstone created in the lab and thus may have varying features as compared to a diamond stone.

It may not be a naturally occurring gemstone but still, has its perks. It comes as a good alternative for an engagement ring in place of a diamond ring and here’s why;


The moissanite engagement ring is one of the cheaper rings in the market right now. As compared to the most preferred engagement ring which is the diamond, the moissanite is way cheaper due to its stone size and type even with enhancements as compared to the diamond which pricing depends on the cut of the stone, the color, and its shape.

When going into marriage, it is important to make a budget as a couple which may be inclusive of a wedding ceremony to avoid later debts which may later lead to divorce after that. For a couple living on a tight budget, the moissanite would be preferable as it is less expensive and affordable while still maintaining the sentimental value.


As compared to other stones used on engagement rings like ruby and sapphire, the moissanite stone can withstand abrasion and scratching.Its duration period is longer due to its hardness in nature. This makes it perfect for an engagement ring as it can stand the harshness of everyday life inform of the objects you come into contact. To know more about the advantages of Moisannite engagement rings, visit


There are different shapes of the moissanite engagement ring that a person shopping for an engagement ring can choose from which include the round shape, emerald, pear, and cushion. With the wide variety, it gets easier to shop for one if you have a specific shape in mind.

The sparkle

The moissanite engagement ring can sparkle even in dull lighting.According to research, this is the most sparkly stone found on earth thus making it preferable for an engagement ring.This sparkle lasts for a very long time and can even be passed on from one generation to the next building it a family inheritance jewel.


The moissanite gemstone provides a colorful center stone for an engagement ring. At first glance, the stone would seem colorless, but on a closer look, it reflects a yellow, grayish ray when setting up in certain light.This provides a dazzling appearance for the engagement ring.