Why Moissanite Engagement Rings Are Popular


An engagement ring has a rich history cutting across different cultures. This makes engagement rings to be designed with considerable attention to make any wedding proposal marvelous. A diamond ring is known to be an excellent option for many couples. However, the expense involved in diamonds accompanied by other social responsibility reasons makes other alternatives such as moissanite more appealing to the masses today. Moissanite unique engagement rings have penetrated the market previously dominated by diamonds, and other gems such as rubies and sapphires. Artisans and ring makers create moissanite from inexpensive medium and come up with a crystal gem. The moissanite gemstone is a creation that has been used to unite two people for life. Most moissanite engagement rings are made to be memorable, and they are super catchy to the eye and at the same time touch the heart.

A moissanite gem originated to approximately fifty thousand years ago when a meteorite crashed in the Arizona desert creating a massive meteor crater that left behind fragments of enormous meteor scattered on the ground. These pieces were discovered by Henri Mossan, a Nobel-Prize winning scientist. This led to the commercial creation of moissanite crystals that were in some forms indistinguishable from diamonds.

Skilled artisans create moissanite rings that are filled with the gleam, twinkle, sparkle and fiery wonder of diamonds. They are made into precious little surprises that are cut to fit artistically designed settings. They are also intended to be robust and resistant to scratching, breaking or chipping. They are made to last as long as the marriage. A moissanite engagement ring is the closest gem you can wear that is closest to diamond. When polished, cut and set into the perfect ring, it has a

fiery glow with a genuine radiant beauty.

Things to consider when choosing the right gems for moissanite rings include the shape and cut of the pearls with the most popular form being the ubiquitous square cut. Princess round cut is also preferred by many people, and it is also viewed as cosmopolitan. The karat of the moissanite gem is also cut into consideration. Some people prefer to have a certain karat gem size and set their mind to it. Moissanite gems are too priced depending on their clarity. Some gems have higher or lower clarity than others. It is essential to pay attention to the color of the moissanite. Many moissanite gems have their kind of glow and brilliance. When seriously contemplating getting an engagement ring, it might be worth considering a crystalline gleam that would exhibit the ring. If you want to read more about Moissanite engagement rings, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/unique-engagement-rings/.